13th Aug2012

Roller Coaster Revolution

by Admin

If you are looking for train games for your kids, then this should be the right choice. Roller Coaster Revolution is a roller coaster train driving game. It comes with 99 interactive levels. All you have to do is to collect a lot of stars and you will pass the level. If you will avoid crashes you will have no problem. You need only to accelerate or decelerate your train while playing.

The 99 tracks of the game are great and you might enjoy all of them. You have a lot of cave tunnels while playing the game. Be careful at the jumps because your train can crash, but it is very easy to handle them and then to end the level without any problem. You will experience water splashes also and a lot of falling tracks, but you can avoid problems if you drive carefully.

In comparison with Railroad Shunting Puzzle, another great train driving game, I must say that this one is more entertaining and unique in its style. You don’t have to use your mouse to drive it, you need to use the keyboard instead. If you like nowadays flash games graphics then I’m sure you will like it. Try it now!

The instructions of the game are easy to understand: Use the left arrow if you want to decelerate or the right arrow if you want to accelerate the train on the roller coaster. As said before, try to avoid crashes (especially at the huge jumps) and try to collect as much points as you can, if you want a really high rate when you end the level.

If you have any questions or if just you want to share your achievements while playing the Roller Coaster Revolution, feel free to comment here and share your experience with the others!

You need flash player to play the game.

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