The Roller Coaster Maker

by Admin

Wondering if there exists a roller coaster train game? Well, it does exist! And, of course, you can play it on Train Games Now! The Roller Coaster Maker is our brand new game. You have to build the tracks and if you collect all the coins you will gain a gold star and the status of “Perfect Level”. There are 21 levels, from the easiest to the hardest. Feel free to post comments here on how the game goes and if you like it. If you liked Build The Bridge we are sure you will like this one too! Both games are were thought to be logic-based. In both games you have to build something. Here you need to build the tracks, whilst in Build the Bridge you had to build a bridge (as the name of the game itself). You need to use your brain while advancing through the levels in both games. Maybe this one is more complex than the other and maybe you will like it more. Try it! And remember the essential: Think before you act, use your brain and you will end those levels! (more…)