13th Aug2012


by Admin

Ticketless is another new game from Train Games Now. Have you ever been in trouble on the trains? I mean, have you ever tried to travel without tickets? No? Neither do I! But in this game you will, for the first time, maybe (and I hope so). This is the storyline, a very simple one: The ticket collector caught you trying to travel by train without any ticket. You start to run and the ticket collector is after you, in hot pursuit. You have to jump over baggages, to shove through door or slide under other collectors. If you’re slow, then the inspector will catch you and the game is over.

There are only 3 levels: Easy – you have to jump over luggages only; Medium – You have to jump over luggages and barge through doors; and Hard – you have to do all the things mentioned before but what is more, you have to slide unde the collectors, too. You can also comment on the game and also to post here your score on this game!

If you liked the good old times, with Super Mario or Duck Hunt-like graphics on Nintendo, then this is the perfect train game for you: interesting and entertaining. How much can you score? You can also share your score via Twitter or Facebook playing this game!

Game Instructions: You have to use your keyboard if you want to play this game. These are the buttons you need to use: A – jump over luggages; S – barge through doors; D – slide under collectors.

You need flash player to play the game.

Click here for fullscreen!

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